Package org.jscience.util

Interface Summary
ActivityListener Interface for object which monitor long-running activities.
Changeable This is a flag interface that defines the common add/remove listener methods for classes and interfaces that wish to indicate that they are sources of ChangeEvents.
ChangeHub Interface implemented by ChangeHubs, i.e.
ChangeListener Interface for objects which listen to ChangeEvents.
Cloneable Interface for cloneable classes.
Commented An interface to mark up something that has some comments.
Commitable Implementations of Commitable support atomic changes from one known state to another via commit/rollback semantics.
Filter<T> used to filter collections or anything else
HTMLExpressible The interface HTMLExpressible indicates that the implementing class is able to express itself in HTML format.
JavaExpressible The interface JavaExpressible indicates that the implementing class is able to express itself in Java format.
Named An interface to mark up something that has a name.
NativeCode An empty tagging interface to be implemented by all classes that use native function calls (yikes).
Parameterized An interface to mark up something that contains an extra field parameter to support additional information storage without (sometimes inconveninet subclassing).
PatternExtractor<T> PatternExtractor provides a way to group objects by a pattern defined by an implementation.
Positioned An interface to mark up something that is located in space.
Relation A class representing a relation in n dimensions, or R(n).
Steppable This interface is used to provide a simple way of providing classes with a standardized structure for time-steppable classes.
SynchronousKey An interface to support very simple synchronous key encryption.
ThirdParty An empty tagging interface to be implemented by all classes that have a dependency on any non-standard J2SE 1.4 class other than included in this com.antelmann library distribution.
ThreadWorker.Listener listens for tasks run by a ThreadWorker to be finished
TimeSystem TimeSystem allows to use a time measurement that is independent from the system time.
Tree A class representing a tree data structure.
Visualizable This abstract class provides the necessary methods for visualizable data.
XMLExpressible The interface XMLExpressible indicates that the implementing class is able to express itself in valid XML format.

Class Summary
AbstractChangeable Useful base-class for objects implementing Changeable
AbstractIterator<E> makes it very easy to implement either an Enumeration or an Iterator.
ArrayCaster A simple convenience class for casting arrays.
ArrayIterator This Iterator is used to iterate over Arrays.
Backup allows to easily backup directories.
Bag A class representing a bag data structure (a list that does not permit null).
BinaryRelation A class representing a binary relation.
BinaryTree A class representing a tree data structure with exactly 2 child elements or none.
BoundedNumberStepper A class representing a way to iterate numbers.
BreadthFirstTreeIterator Provides an iterator through all the children of tree including tree itself.
ChangeAdapter This is a ChangeListener that ignores everything.
ChangeEvent Event which encapsulates a change in any mutable BioJava object.
ChangeForwarder This is a ChangeListener that is designed to adapt events of one type from one source to events of another type emitted by another source.
ChangeForwarder.Retyper A ChangeForwarder that systematically uses a given type and wraps the old event.
ChangeListener.AlwaysVetoListener An implementation that always vetoes everything.
ChangeListener.LoggingListener A listener that writes information about the event stream to a PrintStream.

A utility class to provide management for informing ChangeListeners of ChangeEvents.

ChangeType Class for all constants which are used to indicate change types.
CircularNumberStepper A class representing a way to iterate numbers.
CollectionUtils utility class for calculations on sets
ColorUtils An set of utility functions that convert from one color space to another.
CypherKey CypherKey provides a very easy-to-use, yet effective encryption mechanism.
Debug provides globally accessible methods and variables for convenient debugging
Debug.FileExceptionHandler can be used to conveniently write all exceptions to a file.
DepthFirstTreeIterator Provides an iterator through all the children of tree including tree itself.
Encoded Encoded encapsulates a serializable object in an encrypted format that requires the same synchronous key for both, encoding and decoding.
EndianConverter Utility to convert little endian data to big endian data.
IntervalTimer Utility class used to calculate the time passed between two events
JDBC The class JDBC provides some simplified access to existing ODBC and MySQL drivers through static methods.
JDBCTableModel JDBCTableModel provides a simple way to display a table from a JDBC connection.
LicenseLoader can be used to aquire licenses from a known location on demand.
MethodComparator<T> compares objects by the return value of a specified method name.
MiscellaneousUtils just some miscellaneous stuff for convenience that doesn't fit anywhere else
Monitor Monitor is a convenient class that is useful to communicate between threads by exchanging information through this Monitor.
MonitorDelegator The relevant calls to the monitor are delegated to a ProgressMonitor or JProgressBar.
NamedColors A class representing javascript and netscape colors.
NAry A class representing an element of a relation.
NAryRelation A class representing a generalized relation.
NAryTree A class representing a tree data structure with many child elements.
Numbering A class representing a number like the one found in law articles, or in software version numbers
NumberStepper A class representing a way to iterate numbers.
Relations A class representing relations constants.
ResultSetMetaDataTableModel ResultSetMetaDataTableModel provides a simple way to display the meta data of a ResultSet.
SecurityNames a collection of security related names of supported algorithms.
Settings Settings provides access to several properties and resources that are used throughout the classes of this framework.
SimpleKey A very simple encryption algorithm for demonstration purposes only.
SmartProperties DOCUMENT ME!
StaticMemberPlaceHolder DOCUMENT ME!
Stopwatch Stopwatch is a convenient implementation to bench just about anything.
StringUtils A utility class with some useful functions to manipulate String objects.
ThreadPool uses a pool of threads to execute tasks asynchronously and concurrently.
ThreadWorker ThreadWorker runs tasks in a separate thread, where the tasks are queued up and performed one by one.
Trivaluate A class representing a an Object which can take three values: true, false and unknown.
UnaryRelation A class representing a relation in 1 dimension, this is a Set implementation.
Unchangeable This is a utility implementation of Changeable that doesn't fire any events or keep references to any listeners.

Exception Summary
ChangeVetoException Exception which is thrown when a ChangeListener does not wish a change to take place.
CircularReferenceException A class representing a CircularReferenceException, to be used with trees.
CommitFailure DOCUMENT ME!
FatalException �\��Ȃ��G��?
FormatException indicates that some content was not in the expected format
IllegalDimensionException The IllegalDimensionException class is thrown when a conflicting number of dimensions is found in a system with dimensions, it is therefore a kind of generalization of IndexOutOfBoundsException.
MaximumIterationsExceededException This exception occurs when a numerical algorithm exceeds it maximum number of allowable iterations.
NestedException A general perpose Exception that can wrap another exception.
ResourceNotFoundException Thrown to indicate that a specific resource (an image, a sound, etc.)
UnavailableDataException The UnavailableDataException is thrown when there are problems fetching some data from un unreliable source (this can be the network availability or because the data is not yet ready).

Error Summary
AssertionFailure An unchecked exception representing an Assertion failure.