Interface LogWriter

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AbstractLogWriter, BinaryFileLog, ConsoleLog, JDBCLogWriter, JTextComponentLog, LogFile, SocketWriter, StackTraceFileWriter, StringBufferLog, XMLWriter

public interface LogWriter
extends Filter<LogEntry>

The LogWriter interface defines objects that can be used as a handler for the Logger class. It is left to the discretion of the LogWriter implementation to perform the write synchronously or asynchronously. LogWriter extends the interface Filter so that each LogWriter embedds the functionality of being able to filter each LogEntry that is to be written.

See Also:
LogException, Logger

Method Summary
 void write(LogEntry entry)
          writes the given LogEntry to the log of this LogWriter.
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Method Detail


void write(LogEntry entry)
           throws LogException
writes the given LogEntry to the log of this LogWriter. This method must not check whether entries are accepted, as the Logger class will only call this method once checked that this LogWriter accepts the given entry.

entry - DOCUMENT ME!
LogException - if an error occurred while writing the log