Class ConsoleLog

  extended by org.jscience.util.logging.AbstractLogWriter
      extended by org.jscience.util.logging.ConsoleLog
All Implemented Interfaces:
Filter<LogEntry>, LogWriter

public class ConsoleLog
extends AbstractLogWriter

ConsoleLog prints abbreviated log messages to the console using System.out.println(). ConsoleLog logs synchronously.

See Also:
LogException, Logger, LogEntry

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class org.jscience.util.logging.AbstractLogWriter
filter, formatter
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void writeLogEntry(java.lang.Object pattern)
          This method writes a short version of the entry to the console.
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accept, getLogFilter, getLogFormatter, setLogFilter, setLogFormatter, write
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Constructor Detail


public ConsoleLog()
Method Detail


public void writeLogEntry(java.lang.Object pattern)
This method writes a short version of the entry to the console.
The format is: "[time-level] message (param1)"
If an exception was included, it will be printed in the next line. The other parameters are ignored.

Specified by:
writeLogEntry in class AbstractLogWriter
pattern - DOCUMENT ME!