Interface Visualizable

All Known Implementing Classes:
AStarMap, CellularAutomata, CellularAutomataLayered, EvoFeedForwardNN, FeedForwardNN, Flock, FSM, Histogram, KohonenNN, NeuralNetwork, PerceptronNN, StandardMap2D, TuringMachine

public interface Visualizable

This abstract class provides the necessary methods for visualizable data.

Method Summary
 void render(java.awt.Graphics g, int width, int height)
          Render the class data in a graphics context.
 void writeImage(java.lang.String s, int width, int height)
          Write an image using the class data.

Method Detail


void render(java.awt.Graphics g,
            int width,
            int height)
Render the class data in a graphics context.

g - the graphics context
width - the height of the graphics context
height - the width of the graphics context


void writeImage(java.lang.String s,
                int width,
                int height)
Write an image using the class data. This function should usually use the render function to write the image.

s - the filename of the image to write
width - the width of the image
height - the height of the image