Interface Positioned

All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractClassicalParticle, Address, Administration, Artifact, Artwork, AstronomicalCoordinates, Bank, Book, Boundary, Building, BusinessPlace, Celebration, Choregraphy, City, Civilization, ClassicalParticle2D, ClassicalParticle3D, ClassicalParticleND, Clothes, Community, Composition, Country, Creature, Crowd, EarthEcosource, Factory, Family, Fossil, Gas, Group, HeightMap, HistoricalIndividual, Holding, Home, Human, HumanGroup, HumanResource, Individual, Installation, Item, Liquid, Machine, Map, MaterialResource, MeasureInstrument, Mineral, Movie, Nation, Natural, Object, Organization, OwnedPlace, Path, Performance, Person, Picture, Place, Play, PoliticalParty, Population, Recipe, Region, Report, Resource, RigidBody2D, RigidBody3D, Road, Robot, Sample, Settlement, Site, Solid, Thing, TimedBoundary, Tool, Treatment, Tribe, Vehicle, WeatherConditions, WeatherPrevision

public interface Positioned

An interface to mark up something that is located in space.

Method Summary
 java.lang.Object getPosition()
          Defines the position in an unspecified manner.

Method Detail


java.lang.Object getPosition()
Defines the position in an unspecified manner.