Package org.jscience.swing

This package contains utility classes for GUI related implementations.


Interface Summary
FontSelectionListener The listener that's notified when a font selection changes

Class Summary
CloseButton A simple JButton that will call parent.dispose() when the button is pressed.
FontSelectionEvent An event that characterizes a change in the current font selection.
FontViewer A nice little Font Viewer GUI application.
ImageLoader Just a GUI for loading images in an ImageViewer object
ImageViewer ImageViewer simply displays images in a frame.
JAlarmClock A little GUI app with a JWatchLabel that can be run, halted and set.
JBackup a gui utility to run and schedule backups
JBall This class models a ball that has a specified ball color, text color, size, value, and state.
JBarGraph A bar graph Swing component.
JCard This class models a playing card from a standard deck.
JCardHand This class is a container that holds cards.
JCategoryGraph2D The JCategoryGraph2D superclass provides an abstract encapsulation of 2D category graphs.
JCoin This class defines a coin with specified colors, value, and probability of heads.
JCoinBox This class is a container that holds coins.
JContourPlot A contour plot Swing component.
JDBCInfoPane displays information on a JDBC connection including table's row and meta data.
JDiceBoard This class is a container that holds dice.
JDie This class models a standard, 6-sided die with specified colors and probabilities.
JDiskUsage shows disk usage based on the given root directory.
JDoubleBufferedComponent The JDoubleBufferedComponent class provides double buffering functionality.
JFileField A text component that denotes a file path; supports mouse drops from file system and provides a convenient JFileChooser.
JFontChooser provides a nice GUI mechanism to choose a System Font (with preview and compare option and several other features).
JFontControl provides a Font control component that can be used in a menu or toolbar.
JFontFileChooser provides a nice GUI mechanism to choose a Font from the file system.
JGraph2D The JGraph2D superclass provides an abstract encapsulation of 2D graphs.
JGraphLayout A graph layout arranges components in the style of a graph.
JImageCanvas The JImageCanvas class allows an image to be directly added to a container.
JLayeredBarGraph A layered bar graph Swing component.
JLineGraph A line graph Swing component.
JLineGraph3D A 3D line graph Swing component.
JLineTrace A line trace Swing component.
JMainFrame a convenient JFrame providing some basic nice stuff
JMemoryGauge a component that displays current memory consumption
JPieChart A pie chart Swing component.
JPrinterSelect DOCUMENT ME!
JScatterGraph A scatter graph Swing component.
JScheduler a convenient GUI to schedule predefined tasks
JStackedBarGraph A stacked bar graph Swing component.
JTextViewer a very simple text viewer w/ copy/print/save capabilities
JTimeChooser A simple specialized JSpinner using java.util.Date for a value.
JUrn This class is a container (actually a panel) that holds balls.
JWatchLabel JWatchLabel is a JComponent that displays either the current time or a given Stopwatch updated every second
Language English language resources for the org.jscience.swing package
Language_de Deutsche Uebersetzung fuer die org.jscience.swing Package
Menus Menus provides some convenient menus and dialogs that are potentially useful for any Java Swing Application.
PropertiesEditor a convenient graphical editor for Properties
SplashScreen for use as a splash screen. sample usage (first line in your application): SplashScreen.splash().disposeAfter(3000)

Package org.jscience.swing Description

This package contains utility classes for GUI related implementations.

An interesting highlight includes a class for plotting two-dimensional functions in a highly customizable and yet simple way.

Another feature highlight is a look&feel menu that can be applied for any GUI application.