Package org.jscience.physics.nuclear.kinematics.math.analysis.spanc

Code libraries for the Spanc program.


Class Summary
AddCalibrationPeakDialog Dialog box for adding a spectrum peak that will be an input to the focal plane calibration.
AddOutputPeakDialog DOCUMENT ME!
AddReactionDialog Dialog box for adding a reaction channel to those considered for the calibration or output.
CalibrationFit Abstraction class for performing fits of channel versus rho data.
CalibrationPeak Representation of a fitted peak used for calibration of a spectrum.
ChangeCalibrationPeakDialog Dialog for changing calibration peak parameters.
ChangeOutputPeakDialog DOCUMENT ME!
ChangeReactionDialog Dialog box for changing the particulars of a reaction channel.
DefineTargetDialog Dialog box for defining, layer by layer, the properties of the targets used.
DisplayTargetDialog Dialog box which displays the properties of a given pre-defined target.
SpancReaction DOCUMENT ME!
Target This class represents a target in a splitpole experiment, possibly containing more than one layer.
TargetListDialog DOCUMENT ME!

Package org.jscience.physics.nuclear.kinematics.math.analysis.spanc Description

Code libraries for the Spanc program.

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