The classes in this package are designed to provide convenient access to Internet related functionality.


Interface Summary
ConnectionDispatcher used by a NetConnectionServer object to create a Thread that handles incoming connections
CrawlerSetting CrawlerSetting defines callback functions that determine the behavior in which a web search algorithm goes through the net and calculates its results.
Downloader.Listener DOCUMENT ME!
MediaCrawler.Handler used to handle the media files found during the search of the MediaCrawler
NetConnection A NetConnection provides a convenient way to communicate with a remote process.
NetConnectionHandler A NetConnectionHandler is used to handle incoming messages from a NetConnection.
ServerLog ServerLog represents a log from a web-server and provides access to its content
URLCache.RefreshListener RefreshListener objects can register with URLCache objects to be notified when the URLCache object is refreshed

Class Summary
CGI The class CGI provides a convenient way to post parameters to a web-based CGI script.
ChatServer ChatServer implements a server that handles chat messages that are broadcasted among the active connections to the server.
Downloader Downloads a URL or URLCache object into a file.
JChat JChat provides a simple GUI chat client that works with ChatServer.
JDownloader Downloads a URL or URLCache object into a file in a thread using a ProgressMonitorInputStream, so that the user can abort if desired
JMessenger JMessenger provides a simple GUI messenger for a direct peer-to-peer connection that uses one side as the server.
JNetProperties provides a form to edit Java network properties
JSpider a Swing based GUI that uses functionality of the Spider class and uses a default SampleCrawlerSetting instance if no other CrawlerSetting is specified.
JURLCachePane A JEditorPane that can take advantage of a URLCache.
JWebBrowser A very plain Web Browser with minimal functionality; but still cool.
LocalWeb LocalWeb represents a website based on the local file system.
MediaCrawler MediaCrawler is a single thread that searches the web for files that are of a given type.
MessageDelegator MessageDelegator listens for incoming messages on the given connection and delegates the message to the handler - once its run() method is called.
NetConnectionServer A NetConnectionServer - once run() is called - listens to incoming requests from NetConnection objects with a signature provided by the ConnectionDispatcher.
NetConnectionServer.DefaultDispatcher The DefaultDispatcher provides a default ConnectionDispatcher that is used when the NetConnectionServer constructor in the enclosing class is called with a NetConnectionHandler
SampleCrawlerSetting SampleCrawlerSetting is what it's named: a sample CrawlerSetting.
SecureConnection SecureConnection is a small wrapper for NetConnection objects, which provides automatic encoding/decoding of messages. objects as Encoded objects.
ServerLogAnalyser provides several methods to analyse a ServerLog
ServerLogEntry a log entry from a web-server log
ServerLogFile ServerLogFile implements a web-server log based on a standard log file.
SocketConnection A SocketConnection provides simplified access to a remote process through a Socket connection.
Spider Spider provides several useful static functions for accessing web content and parsing HTML most based on a simple URL.
Spider.SMonitor Deprecated.  
Spider.URLWrapper wrappes a and keeps a reference to its referer
SSLSocketConnection An SSLSocketConnection provides simplified access to a remote process through an SSLSocket connection.
URLCache A wrapper around that caches a copy of the content and adds some additional functionality designed for HTML pages.
URLNode URLNode wrapps a URL and places it into a URLTree, which determines how the URLNode calculates its children.
URLSorter A simple convenience class that sorts URLs by their external form lexicographically.
URLTree URLTree represents the model of a tree where each node is made of a URL wrapped in a URLNode object.

Exception Summary
HandshakeException A HandshakeException is thrown to indicate that a handshake of a SocketConnection was not successful due to signatures that do not match.

Package Description

The classes in this package are designed to provide convenient access to Internet related functionality.

The package includes a generic multi-threaded network server implementation that can be highly customized using the interfaces also included in this package. Sending and receiving messages in client/server applications is greatly simplified over the functionality when using a simple NetConnection object from this package (sample implementations of the interface are of course included).

A reference implementation for the provided interfaces includes a simple java chat client program (including a GUI wrapper) along with the chat server implementation.

Further functionality from this package include functions for easy-to-use web-crawling, and HTML-parsing, a class for accessing cached URLs and a CGI bridge (enabling you to easily post parameters to a script).

Finally, there is a complete web browser implementation included.