Interface URLCache.RefreshListener

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public static interface URLCache.RefreshListener
extends java.util.EventListener

RefreshListener objects can register with URLCache objects to be notified when the URLCache object is refreshed

See Also:
URLCache.addRefreshListener(URLCache.RefreshListener), URLCache.refresh()

Method Summary
 void refreshedURLCache(URLCache uc, boolean refreshSuccessful, reasonForFailure)
          This method is called when a call to URLCache.refresh() completes.

Method Detail


void refreshedURLCache(URLCache uc,
                       boolean refreshSuccessful,
This method is called when a call to URLCache.refresh() completes. This method is to return quickly as a hold-up here delays the completion of a call to URLCache.refresh()! The object monitor of the given URLCache instance is held while this method executes, which blocks further refresh() calls; it does not block access to previously cached data, however.

uc - The URLCache object that performed the refresh
refreshSuccessful - indicating whether the cache was successfully updated;
reasonForFailure - contains the exception that caused the refresh to fail; is null if update was successful
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