Interface IExtendableSchemaElement

All Known Subinterfaces:
IFinding, IScope, ITarget
All Known Implementing Classes:
DeepSkyFinding, DeepSkyTarget, DeepSkyTargetDN, DeepSkyTargetDS, DeepSkyTargetGC, DeepSkyTargetGN, DeepSkyTargetGX, DeepSkyTargetNA, DeepSkyTargetOC, DeepSkyTargetPN, DeepSkyTargetQS, Finding, GenericFinding, Scope, SolarSystemTarget, SolarSystemTargetComet, SolarSystemTargetMinorPlanet, SolarSystemTargetMoon, SolarSystemTargetPlanet, SolarSystemTargetSun, Target

public interface IExtendableSchemaElement

Some schema elements (e.g. IFinding, ITarget) have to be extended in several different types (e.g. DeepSkyTarget, VariableStarTarget..) representing several different astronomical objects.
These interfaces extend IExtendableSchemaElement, as it provides access to e.g. XML XSI Type information.


Field Summary
static java.lang.String XML_XSI_TYPE
          Constant for XML Schema Instance type.
Method Summary
 java.lang.String getXSIType()
          Returns the XML schema instance type of the implementation.

Field Detail


static final java.lang.String XML_XSI_TYPE
Constant for XML Schema Instance type.
As target elements my differ from type to type (i.e. DeepSkyTarget, VariableStarTarget...) this constant can identifies a type.
<target xsi:type="fgca:deepSkyGX">More stuff goes here</target>

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Method Detail


java.lang.String getXSIType()
Returns the XML schema instance type of the implementation.

The xsi:type value of this implementation