Interface XMLDescribable

All Known Subinterfaces:
Attribute, Coord, Coordinates, Feature, FeatureCollection, Geometry, GeometryCollection, GMLConstruct, Property, UnknownConstruct
All Known Implementing Classes:
AttributeImpl, CoordImpl, CoordinatesImpl, FeatureCollectionImpl, FeatureImpl, GeometryCollectionImpl, GeometryImpl, GMLConstructImpl, PropertyImpl, UnknownConstructImpl

public interface XMLDescribable

Defines the interface that every GML object that has a corresponding XML element in the GML schema must implement.

Method Summary
 XMLDescriptor getXMLDescriptor()
          Returns the XML descriptor for this "object".

Method Detail


XMLDescriptor getXMLDescriptor()
Returns the XML descriptor for this "object". XML descriptors contain information such as XML element tag, namespace, type.

Must return a valid XMLDescriptor object even if the object was not created from an XML source.