Interface GeometryOwner

All Superinterfaces:
All Known Subinterfaces:
GeometryCollection, Property, UnknownConstruct
All Known Implementing Classes:
GeometryCollectionImpl, PropertyImpl, UnknownConstructImpl

public interface GeometryOwner
extends GMLConstructOwner

Defines the interface that must be implemented by every class that "owns" geometries (e.g. properties, geometry collections). Note that the owning relationship is a loose one, and depends on the level of abstraction. This class does not limit its use to direct owners of geometries. Rather its semantics depend on the context where it is used.

Method Summary
 GeometryIterator getGeometryIterator()
          Provides access to geometries owned by this GeometryOwner.
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GeometryIterator getGeometryIterator()
Provides access to geometries owned by this GeometryOwner.

GeometryIterator that can be used for iterating on geometries. It is never null.