Interface GMLConstructOwner

All Known Subinterfaces:
Coord, Coordinates, Feature, FeatureCollection, FeatureOwner, Geometry, GeometryCollection, GeometryOwner, GMLConstruct, Property, PropertyOwner, UnknownConstruct, UnknownConstructOwner
All Known Implementing Classes:
CoordImpl, CoordinatesImpl, FeatureCollectionImpl, FeatureImpl, GeometryCollectionImpl, GeometryImpl, GMLConstructImpl, GMLDocument, PropertyImpl, UnknownConstructImpl

public interface GMLConstructOwner

Defines the interface every owner of GML constructs must implement. Note that a class need not be a GML construct to own one of them.

Method Summary
 GMLConstructIterator getGMLConstructIterator()
          Provide access to all GML constructs.

Method Detail


GMLConstructIterator getGMLConstructIterator()
Provide access to all GML constructs. This method may be used to recursively scan the GML object model.