Interface TaylorMap

public interface TaylorMap

Interface for maps that are evaluable as a TaylorDouble calculation tree.

TaylorDoubles are functions or variables that possess a known Taylor expansion, which among other enables effective integration of ODE's.

Notice, in connection with the TaylorIntegrate ODE solver class, that if variation of a parameter during integration, e.g. doing continuation, is desired, the TaylorMap should keep the parameter as a TaylorDouble instance variable, which enables change of parameter value in the calculation tree used in TaylorIntegrate.

Method Summary
 void evaluate(TaylorDependant[] x, TaylorIndependant t)
          Set ODE governing dependent variables x.

Method Detail


void evaluate(TaylorDependant[] x,
              TaylorIndependant t)
Set ODE governing dependent variables x. That is, if map is
x'(t) = f (x,t)
then evaluate f using TaylorDouble objects, and set the components of f as right-hand-side for x[] using TaylorDependant method setOde


thereby making x[] self dependent, as suitable for the system of ODEs.