Class TaylorBinary

  extended by org.jscience.mathematics.analysis.taylor.TaylorDouble
      extended by org.jscience.mathematics.analysis.taylor.TaylorBinary
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Direct Known Subclasses:
TaylorAdd, TaylorDivide, TaylorMultiply, TaylorSubtract

public abstract class TaylorBinary
extends TaylorDouble

The abstract superclass for functions of two TaylorDouble variables.

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Serialized Form

Field Summary
protected  TaylorDouble leftOperand
          The left operand of this binary operator.
protected  TaylorDouble rightOperand
          The right operand of this binary operator.
Fields inherited from class org.jscience.mathematics.analysis.taylor.TaylorDouble
coeffs, constant, independent, order
Constructor Summary
TaylorBinary(TaylorDouble leftOp, TaylorDouble rightOp)
          Default constructor for functions of two variables.
Method Summary
 void reset()
          Signal shift of expansion point.
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calcOrder, evaluate, expandToOrder, flops, getCoeff, getOrder, setToLength, toString
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Field Detail


protected TaylorDouble leftOperand
The left operand of this binary operator.


protected TaylorDouble rightOperand
The right operand of this binary operator.

Constructor Detail


public TaylorBinary(TaylorDouble leftOp,
                    TaylorDouble rightOp)
Default constructor for functions of two variables.

Method Detail


public void reset()
Signal shift of expansion point.

All current coefficients of this, and operands are expected to be invalid, so order is set to -1.

Notice: if order is -1, corresponding to a newly reset of this, nothing is done, and the operands are thus not guaranteed to be reset!

Specified by:
reset in class TaylorDouble