Class GaussLegendreIntegrator

  extended by org.jscience.mathematics.analysis.quadrature.GaussLegendreIntegrator
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class GaussLegendreIntegrator
extends java.lang.Object
implements PrimitiveMappingIntegrator

This class implements a Gauss-Legendre integrator.

Gauss-Legendre integrators are efficient integrators that can accurately integrate functions with few functions evaluations. A Gauss-Legendre integrator using an n-points quadrature formula can integrate exactly 2n-1 degree polynoms.

These integrators evaluate the function on n carefully chosen points in each step interval. These points are not evenly spaced. The function is never evaluated at the boundary points, which means it can be undefined at these points.

Constructor Summary
GaussLegendreIntegrator(int minPoints, double rawStep)
          Build a Gauss-Legendre integrator.
Method Summary
 int getEvaluationsPerStep()
          Get the number of functions evaluation per step.
 double integrate(PrimitiveMapping f, double a, double b)
          Integrate a function over a defined range.
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Constructor Detail


public GaussLegendreIntegrator(int minPoints,
                               double rawStep)
Build a Gauss-Legendre integrator.

A Gauss-Legendre integrator is a formula like:

    int (f) from -1 to +1 = Sum (ai * f(xi))

The coefficients of the formula are computed as follow:

   let n be the desired number of points
   the xi are the roots of the degree n Legendre polynomial
   the ai are the integrals int (Li^2) from -1 to +1
   where Li (x) = Prod (x-xk)/(xi-xk) for k != i

A formula in n points can integrate exactly polynoms of degree up to 2n-1.

minPoints - minimal number of points desired
rawStep - raw integration step (the precise step will be adjusted in order to have an integer number of steps in the integration range).
Method Detail


public int getEvaluationsPerStep()
Get the number of functions evaluation per step.

number of function evaluation per step


public double integrate(PrimitiveMapping f,
                        double a,
                        double b)
                 throws MappingException
Description copied from interface: PrimitiveMappingIntegrator
Integrate a function over a defined range.

Specified by:
integrate in interface PrimitiveMappingIntegrator
f - function to integrate
a - first bound of the range (can be lesser or greater than b)
b - second bound of the range (can be lesser or greater than a)
value of the integral over the range
MappingException - if the underlying function throws one