Class AbstractCurveFitter.FitMeasurement

  extended by org.jscience.mathematics.analysis.estimation.WeightedMeasurement
      extended by org.jscience.mathematics.analysis.fitting.AbstractCurveFitter.FitMeasurement
Enclosing class:

public class AbstractCurveFitter.FitMeasurement
extends WeightedMeasurement

This class represents the fit measurements. One measurement is a weighted pair (x, y), where y = f (x) is the value of the function at x abscissa. This class is an inner class because the methods related to the computation of f values and derivative are proveded by the fitter implementations.

Field Summary
 double x
          Abscissa of the measurement.
Constructor Summary
AbstractCurveFitter.FitMeasurement(double weight, double x, double y)
          Simple constructor.
Method Summary
 double getPartial(EstimatedParameter p)
          Partial derivative with respect to one function coefficient.
 double getTheoreticalValue()
          Get the value of the fitted function at x.
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Field Detail


public final double x
Abscissa of the measurement.

Constructor Detail


public AbstractCurveFitter.FitMeasurement(double weight,
                                          double x,
                                          double y)
Simple constructor.

weight - weight of the measurement in the fitting process
x - abscissa of the measurement
y - ordinate of the measurement
Method Detail


public double getTheoreticalValue()
Get the value of the fitted function at x.

Specified by:
getTheoreticalValue in class WeightedMeasurement
theoretical value at the measurement abscissa


public double getPartial(EstimatedParameter p)
Partial derivative with respect to one function coefficient.

Specified by:
getPartial in class WeightedMeasurement
p - parameter with respect to which the derivative is requested
partial derivative