Package org.jscience.mathematics.analysis.estimation

This package provides classes to solve estimation problems.


Interface Summary
EstimationProblem This interface represents an estimation problem.
Estimator This interface represents solvers for estimation problems.

Class Summary
EstimatedParameter This class represent the estimated parameters of an estimation problem.
LeastSquaresEstimator This class implements a solver for estimation problems.
WeightedMeasurement This class represents measurements in estimation problems.

Exception Summary
EstimationException This class represents exceptions thrown by the estimation solvers.

Package org.jscience.mathematics.analysis.estimation Description

This package provides classes to solve estimation problems.

The estimation problems considered here are parametric problems where a user model depends on initially unknown scalar parameters and several measurements made on values that depend on the model are available. As an example, one can consider the flow rate of a river given rain data on its vicinity.

The class diagram for the public classes of this package is displayed below. The orange boxes UserProblem, UserFirstMeasurementType and UserSecondMeasurementType are exemple of what the user should create to use this package: implement his own problem and measurement types using the EstimationProblem interface and WeightedMeasurement abstract class, and then use one of the provided estimators (for example LeastSquaresEstimator) to solve it. The white boxes are the interfaces and classes already provided by the library.