Interface Estimator

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public interface Estimator

This interface represents solvers for estimation problems.

The classes which are devoted to solve estimation problems should implement this interface. The problems which can be handled should implement the EstimationProblem interface which gather all the information needed by the solver.

The interface is composed only of the estimate method.

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Method Summary
 void estimate(EstimationProblem problem)
          Solve an estimation problem.

Method Detail


void estimate(EstimationProblem problem)
              throws EstimationException
Solve an estimation problem.

The method should set the parameters of the problem to several trial values until it reaches convergence. If this method returns normally (i.e. without throwing an exception), then the best estimate of the parameters can be retrieved from the problem itself, through the EstimationProblem.getAllParameters method.

problem - estimation problem to solve
EstimationException - if the problem cannot be solved