Package org.jscience.mathematics.algebraic.matrices.gui

Class Summary
ComplexEditor Text based editor for Field.Complex.
ComplexMatrixBeanInfo BeanInfo for ComplexMatrix.
ComplexMatrixCustomizer Customizer for ComplexMatrix.
ComplexMatrixEditor Editing a ComplexMatrix in a table.
ComplexTableCellRenderer This special TableCellRenderer made for ComplexMatrix and ComplexVector changes especially those values, which are too long to fit in the cell.
ComplexVectorBeanInfo BeanInfo for ComplexVector.
ComplexVectorCustomizer Customizer for ComplexVector.
ComplexVectorEditor Editing a ComplexVector in a table.
DoubleBoundedRangeModel An implementation of BoundedRangeModel providing the storage of double values.
DoubleMatrixBeanInfo BeanInfo for DoubleMatrix.
DoubleMatrixCustomizer Customizer for RealMatrix.
DoubleMatrixEditor Editing a DoubleMatrix in a table.
DoubleVectorBeanInfo BeanInfo for DoubleVector.
DoubleVectorCustomizer Customizer for DoubleVector.
DoubleVectorEditor Editing a RealVector in a table.
IntegerMatrixBeanInfo BeanInfo for IntegerMatrix.
IntegerMatrixCustomizer Customizer for IntegerMatrix.
IntegerMatrixEditor Editing an IntegerMatrix in a table.
IntegerVectorBeanInfo BeanInfo for IntegerVector.
IntegerVectorCustomizer Customizer for IntegerVector.
IntegerVectorEditor Editing a IntegerVector in a table.
MatrixEditorPanel An instance of this class is a JPanel containing a JTable representing a Matrix.
MinMaxPanel An instance of this class is a JPanel containing one JSlider and 3 JTextFields representing the Sliders minimum, maximum and current value.
QuaternionEditor Graphic editor for Quaternion.
QuaternionEditorPanel An instance of this class is used by the QuaternionEditor class to display 4 MinMaxPanels representing a Quaternion.
VectorEditorPanel An instance of this class is a JPanel containing a one columned JTable representing a Vector.