Package org.jscience.linguistics

Interface Summary
Parser The Parser interface defines methods that all parsers for languages should implement.

Class Summary
ChatSituation A class representing the interaction of people communicating.
Grammar The Grammar class holds the information about the rules needed to parse a language.
Grapheme The Grapheme class is the minimal text unit.
IPACodes The IPACodes class defines useful constants to use the International Phonetic Alphabet.
Language The Language class provides a placeholder for a language.
Languages The Languages class provides support for common language.
Lexeme The Lexeme defines common rooted words.
Lexicon The Lexicon class provides a dictionnary of lexemes and corresponding definition.
LinguisticsConstants The LinguisticsConstants class provides several useful constatnts for linguistics.
LinguisticsUtils A class representing some useful methods for linguistics
Locutor A class representing an individual in an talking situation (cocktail, etc.).
Morpheme The Morpheme class corresponds to a sub unit of a word (prefix, suffix, etc.).
Phoneme The Phoneme class defines the basic audible units of a language.
Phrase The Phrase class corresponds to a meaningful morphological unit, a substring of a sentence.
Rule The Rule class defines a rule used by a grammar to parse a language.
SemanticNetwork The SemanticNetwork class provides a placeholder for the semantic information that can be extracted from a text..
Sentence The Sentence class corresponds to the common sense sentence.
Text The Text class provides a placeholder for texts to be analyzed by linguistics.
Translation The Translation class provides a means to
VerbalCommunication The Communication class provides support for communication, which is what the language ultimatly stands for.
Word The Word defines sequences of Morphemes.