Package org.jscience.linguistics.kif

Provides classes for the Sigma knowledge engineering environment version developed at Articulate Software Inc.


Class Summary
BasicXMLelement A class designed to mirror the information in a basic XML tag.
BasicXMLparser Parses simple XML into a hierarchy of BasicXMLelement (s).
CELT Class for invoking CELT.
Diagnostics A class that finds problems in a knowledge base.
Edit Class for invoking a client side text editor.
Formula Handle operations on an individual formula.
Graph Handle operations for creating a graphical representation of partial ordering relations.
HTMLformatter A utility class that creates HTML-formatting Strings for various purposes.
KB **************************************************************** Contains methods for reading, writing knowledge bases and their configurations.
KBmanager This is a class that manages a group of knowledge bases.
KIF **************************************************************** A class designed to read a file in SUO-KIF format into memory.
KIFplus A class designed to adhere strictly to the SUO-KIF definition at
NLformatter A class that handles the generation of natural language from logic.
ProofProcessor Process results from the Vampire inference engine.
ProofStep A trivial structure to hold the elements of a proof step.
StreamTokenizer_s A modified StreamTokenizer that handles multi-line quoted strings.
Vampire Class for invoking the KIF version of Vampire from Java.
WordNet This program finds and displays SUMO terms that are related in meaning to the English expressions that are entered as input.

Package org.jscience.linguistics.kif Description

Provides classes for the Sigma knowledge engineering environment version developed at Articulate Software Inc. The core class is which handles data structures and operations on a knowledge base, including importing the individual KIF files which comprise a knowledge base. KBmanager is class which has a static variable that contains what should be the only instance of KBmanager. KBmanager may contain several KBs. KIF reads KIF files into a KB object. NLformatter handles generation of natural language paraphrases from logic. Vampire handles the interface to the Vampire theorem prover. The original version of this code is intended to be used with a set of jsp pages but later versions are planned that support both web/jsp interface and a stand- alone interface.

This code is copyright Articulate Software (c) 2003. Some portions copyright Teknowledge (c) 2003 and reused under the terms of the GNU license. This software is released under the GNU Public License . Users of this code also consent, by use of this code, to credit Articulate Software and Teknowledge in any writings, briefings, publications, presentations, or other representations of any software which incorporates, builds on, or uses this code. Please cite the following article in any publication with references:

Pease, A., (2003). The Sigma Ontology Development Environment, in Working Notes of the IJCAI-2003 Workshop on Ontology and Distributed Systems, August 9, Acapulco, Mexico.

See Also:
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