Class Summary
AbstractAtmosphere An abstract class that provides standard functionality for all atmosphere models that sub-class off of this one.
EarthSciencesConstants A class representing some useful constants for earth sciences
EarthSciencesUtils A class representing some useful methods for earth sciences
EarthSeaWater Sea water properties as a function of salinity, temperature and pressure.
EarthSolarRadiation This class represents a surface of specific area exposed to the sun.
EarthStandardAtmosphere1962 This class provides methods for calculating the atmospheric properties of the U.S.
EarthStandardAtmosphere1976 A collection of routines and data used in calculating the properties of the ICAO 1976 Standard Atmosphere to an altitude of 86,000 meters (53.4 miles)

Modified by: Joseph A.


This class represents the orientation of a surface exposed to sunlight.


This class represents a location on the surface of planet Earth.

MarsAtmosphere A really basic model of Mars Atmosphere.
PlanetCellContents A class representing an infinitesimal volume of a planet.
SoilComposition A class representing the chemical composition of a soil