Interface UndirectedGraph

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AsUndirectedGraph, ListenableUndirectedGraph, ListenableUndirectedWeightedGraph, Multigraph, Pseudograph, SimpleGraph, SimpleWeightedGraph, UndirectedSubgraph, UndirectedWeightedSubgraph, UnmodifiableUndirectedGraph, WeightedMultigraph, WeightedPseudograph

public interface UndirectedGraph
extends Graph

A graph whose all edges are undirected. This is the root interface of all undirected graphs.

See for more on undirected and on directed graphs.

Jul 14, 2003

Method Summary
 int degreeOf(java.lang.Object vertex)
          Returns the degree of the specified vertex.
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Method Detail


int degreeOf(java.lang.Object vertex)
Returns the degree of the specified vertex. A degree of a vertex in an undirected graph is the number of edges touching that vertex.

vertex - vertex whose degree is to be calculated.
the degree of the specified vertex.