Class JAwari

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public class JAwari
extends JDefaultGame

JAwari can play the AwariGame in the JGameFrame GUI. It pretty much adds nothing to the JDefaultGame, except it provides proper AwariPlayers by default.

See Also:
AwariGame, JGameFrame

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filter, frame, play
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gameFrameX, gameFrameY, historyFrameX, historyFrameY, legalMovesFrameX, legalMovesFrameY, prototypeCellValue, redoFrameX, redoFrameY, windowHeight, windowLocationX, windowLocationY, windowWidth
Constructor Summary
          Creates a new JAwari object.
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getAutoPlay, getContainer, getDefaultFileExtension, getFileFilter, getHelp, getMenu, getNewGame, getStatusMessage, getTitle, setFileFilter, setGame
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Constructor Detail


public JAwari()
Creates a new JAwari object.