Class TuringMachine.Transition

  extended by org.jscience.computing.automaton.machines.FSM.State
      extended by org.jscience.computing.automaton.machines.TuringMachine.Transition
Enclosing class:

public static class TuringMachine.Transition
extends FSM.State

This class handles the Turing Machine transitions. Turing Machine transitions are a little more complicated than finite state machine transitions since tape direction and write symbols need to be accounted for.

Field Summary
protected  FSM.State nextState
          The next state.
protected  int tapeDirection
          The new tape direction.
protected  int writeSymbol
          The write symbol.
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Constructor Summary
TuringMachine.Transition(FSM.State state, int write, int tape)
          The default constructor that specifies the next state, the write symbol and tape direction.
Method Summary
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addTransition, getPositionX, getPositionY, isSelfReferring, render, renderConnections, setName, setPosition, setSelfReferring, toString, transition
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Field Detail


protected FSM.State nextState
The next state.


protected int writeSymbol
The write symbol.


protected int tapeDirection
The new tape direction.

Constructor Detail


public TuringMachine.Transition(FSM.State state,
                                int write,
                                int tape)
The default constructor that specifies the next state, the write symbol and tape direction. Note that the state self-sets its position according to the position of the next state.

state - the next state.
write - the write symbol.
tape - the tape direction.