Image analysis and machine vision classes.


Class Summary
BorderTracingOp Placeholder - this class is not yet implemented!
ConvolutionFilter This class implements a convolution filter.
EqualizeFilter This filter performs histogram equalization on their a greyscale or RGB image.
Filter This class provides abstract functionality for image processing filter operations.
GaussianFilter Implements simple Gaussian smoothing.
GreyscaleFilter This class converts an RGB colour to a greyscale image.
Histogram This class provides a simple way of calculating a histogram for a given image.
HoughTransformOp This abstract class is for subclasses to implement different derivates of Hough Transforms.
InvertFilter This filter inverts an image.
LineHoughTransformOp This class implements a Line Hough transform.
MeanFilter A mean filter implemented as a convolution filter.
NoiseFilter Implements simple black-and-white (impulse/salt and pepper) noise and Gaussian noise.
RankFilter This class implements a simple rank filter: allowing you to select the median, minimum or maximum for any given neighbourhood size.
SobelEdgeDetectorFilter This filter performs a simple edge detection algorithm (Sobel).
ThresholdFilter This class encapsulates a variety of thresholding algorithms.

Package Description

Image analysis and machine vision classes.

This package is meant to be refactored to use the Image filters from the

Please be aware that there is a good chance many of the classes here will become deprecated.