Class FilterReteNode

  extended by
      extended by

public class FilterReteNode
extends ReteNode

A discriminant node in the Rete network. A discriminant node is one that has only one input and one output, and it will propagate the incoming objects if some property (i.e., a boolean method call) is satisfied. This kind of node doesn't have a memory of objects, filtering out those that don't comply with the property.

Constructor Summary
FilterReteNode(AbstractKnowledgeBase knowledgeBase, AbstractRuleBase ruleBase, int ruleIndex, int declIndex)
          Creates a new discriminant rete node.
Method Summary
 void newObject(java.lang.Object obj, int input)
          Informs this node that an object has arrived.
 java.lang.String toString()
          Returns a string representation of this object.
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Constructor Detail


public FilterReteNode(AbstractKnowledgeBase knowledgeBase,
                      AbstractRuleBase ruleBase,
                      int ruleIndex,
                      int declIndex)
Creates a new discriminant rete node.

knowledgeBase - the knowledge base that contains this node.
ruleBase - the rule base used to check the validity of the property of the incoming objects.
ruleIndex - the index of the rule that contains the condition to be checked by this node.
declIndex - the index of the declaration whose property is checked by this node.
Method Detail


public void newObject(java.lang.Object obj,
                      int input)
Informs this node that an object has arrived.

Specified by:
newObject in class ReteNode
obj - the object that arrived at this node.
input - the input number of this node that is to receive the object. This node has only one input, so this parameter is not considered in objects of this class.


public java.lang.String toString()
Returns a string representation of this object. Useful for debugging.

toString in class java.lang.Object
a string representation of this object.