Package org.jscience.chemistry.gui.extended.molecule

Interface Summary
PropAttributesInter DOCUMENT ME!

Class Summary
Atom Tripos base Atom class
AtomVector Tripos AtomVector class
Bond Tripos base Bond class
BondVector Tripos BondVector class
Matrix3D A fairly conventional 3D matrix object that can transform sets of 3D points and perform a variety of manipulations on the transform.
Molecule Tripos base molecule class
MoleculeVector Tripos MoleculeVector class
MolTranslateMOL2 Translates Tripos MOL2 files to/from Tripos Java Molecule format.
Parser Reads and parses a Tripos Java Molecule (JMol) stream into a JMol class.
PropAttributes This is a base class which the Atom and Bond classes include.
Renderer An implementation of a JViewer's renderer interface for drawing and manipulating a Molecule.
Ring Tripos base Ring class
RingVector Tripos RingVector class