Package org.jscience.biology.taxonomy

Interface Summary
Taxon A taxon within a classification.
TaxonFactory Factory for handling a particular implementation of a Taxon.
TaxonParser Encapsulate the mapping between Taxon and stringified representations of taxa.

Class Summary
AbstractTaxon An abstract implementation of Taxon.
EbiFormat Encapsulate the 'EBI' species format used in Embl, Genbank and Swissprot files.
ItisSupport Provides ITIS query and lookup services for taxonomic information.
ItisTaxon A taxonomic entity, represented by a scientific name and corresponding to a particular taxonomic serial numer (tsn) from ITIS.
ItisXmlHandler XML parsing routines that handle conversion of XML documents that are retrieved from ITIS into Java objects.
SimpleTaxon A no-frills implementatation of Taxon.
SimpleTaxonFactory A no-frills implementation of TaxonFactory that builds an in-memory Taxon tree.
WeakTaxon An implementation of Taxon that keeps only weak references to children, but full references to parents.

An implementation of TaxonFactory that builds a weak in-memory Taxon tree.