Package org.jscience.biology.lsystems.growing

Class Summary
AnimationGroup AnimationGroup is made as collection of scaling and translation transformgroups which belong together.
Converter This class holds methods for easier conversion of types.
GrowingPlantsDefinitions All definitions used in the lsys package are stored in this class.
GrowthBehavior This class makes the animation of growth of the plants in a scene.
KeyBehavior This class is a simple behavior that implements keyboard navigation.
LSystem This class represents an LSystem as we know it in text form.
Plant This class represents a plant which can be built with a lindenmayer system.
Rule To represent a rule of an LSystem containing a predecessor a successor and a probability this class may be used.
Scene This is the main class for the 3D scene.
SuffixFileFilter A convenience implementation of FileFilter that filters out all files except for those type extensions that it knows about.