Package org.jscience.astronomy.solarsystem

Class Summary
AstronomicalCoordinates The AstronomyCoordinates class is for storage of an array of positions in space, such as those of satellites, planets or stars.
AstronomicalCoordinatesUtils The AstronomicalCoordinatesUtils class provides useful astronomical coordinates computation related methods.
EarthStation The Station class represents an observatory (a location on the Earth's surface) that has a clock.
JulianTime The JulianTime class stores Julian Day (minus 2450000 d) and allows setting and retrieval of time in various forms.
SunRelativePosition Calcule la position du soleil relativement � la position de l'observateur.
VisualLimit Calculates sky brightness and limiting magnitude.
VisualLimitAngularBrightnessData A support class for VisualLimit.
VisualLimitFixedBrightnessData A support class for VisualLimit.