Class XmlEphemerisWriter

  extended by org.jscience.astronomy.solarsystem.artificialsatellites.gui.XmlEphemerisWriter
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class XmlEphemerisWriter
extends java.lang.Object
implements EphemerisWriter

Instances of this class write an ephemeris of StateVector objects as HTML to a JEditorPane instance.

Constructor Summary
XmlEphemerisWriter(javax.swing.JEditorPane destination)
          Constructs an instance of this class.
Method Summary
 void write(java.lang.String title, java.util.Date dateGenerated, java.util.SortedSet ephemeris, ElementSet tle)
          Writes the ephemeris of StateVector instances to the destination.
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Constructor Detail


public XmlEphemerisWriter(javax.swing.JEditorPane destination)
Constructs an instance of this class.

Method Detail


public void write(java.lang.String title,
                  java.util.Date dateGenerated,
                  java.util.SortedSet ephemeris,
                  ElementSet tle)
Writes the ephemeris of StateVector instances to the destination.

Specified by:
write in interface EphemerisWriter
title - Title of the ephemeris.
dateGenerated - Date that the ephemeris was generated.
ephemeris - Ephemeris of StateVector objects to write.
tle - Two-line element set from which the ephemeris was generated.