Package org.jscience.astronomy

Class Summary
AstronomyConstants The AstronomyConstants class provides several useful constatnts for astronomy.
AstronomyTextureLoader A texture loading utility that doesn't require an image observer for constructing objects.
AxisSystem3D This class creates a right-handed 3D coordinate system.
CapturingCanvas3D Class CapturingCanvas3D, using the instructions from the Java3D FAQ pages on how to capture a still image in jpeg format.
ColorLineOrbit This is a class for the color line orbit of the planet.
ColorOrbit This is a abstract class for the orbit of the planet.
ColorPointOrbit This is a class for the color point orbit of the planet.
Ellipse The Ellipse class defines ellipses in a 3d dimension environment.
MiscellaneousUtils MiscellaneousUtils is a loose collection of methods for all sorts of general little tasks, such as mathematics, string stuff, line i/o etc.
Station The Station class provides support for surface based observations.
Telescope The Telescope class provides support for surface based telescopes.