Package org.jscience.architecture.traffic.xml

Interface Summary
InstantiationAssistant The GLD user documentation defines InstantiationAssistant as "Your friendly class creator who gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling inside".
TwoStageLoader This interface can be implemented by XMLSerializable objects if they need additional info from their parent for initializing themselves after they have been loaded by the parser.
XMLSerializable This interface has to be implemented by objects that want to be loaded and saved via the parser.

Class Summary
XMLArray Class to convert arrays of arbitrary dimensions from/to XML : Accepted componenttypes : - int,float,double,boolean,byte and their respective encapsulator classes, Strings and objects that accept XMLSerializable
XMLAttribute Container class for attributes of a XML element.
XMLLoader This class can restore the state of the program from an XML file.
XMLSaver This class takes care of saving the state of the program to a XML file.
XMLStack This class is used by the XMLLoader and the XMLSaver to remember where the parser is saving/loading in the XML tree.
XMLUtils This class contains a few static utility methods that are used by the various parts of the XML parser

Exception Summary
XMLCannotSaveException Thrown by a XMLSerializable when it is told to save it self.
XMLInvalidInputException Thrown by a XMLSerializable when it receives invalid input from the parser.
XMLTreeException Thrown when something goes wrong while trying to build or parse an XML tree.