Interface Summary
Tool All classes implementing this interface can serve as tool to be used in either simulator, editor or both.
ToolAction I have no idea how to describe the use of this class =/

Class Summary
EdgeNodeTool Tool to set spawning and destination frequencies.
LaneAction This implements the add lane user action
LaneTool This tool implements the LaneAction
MoveAction This implements zoom user action
MoveTool Uses the MoveAction to move nodes
NodeAction This implements zoom user action
NodeTool Use this Tool to create Nodes in the infrastructure.
PopupMenuAction This implements the PopupMenu user action
PopupMenuTool This implements the right-click PopupMenu
RoadAction This implements create road user action
RoadTool You click on two Nodes with a RoadTool to create a Road.
ScrollAction This implements scroll user action (like in acrobat reader)
ScrollTool Uses the ScrollAction to scroll the view
SelectAction This implements the PopupMenu user action
SelectTool Tool for selecting through clicks or drags Nodes and Roads.
Tool.Mask Class used to pass on the modifiers.
ToolListener Serves as MouseListener and MouseMotionListener for View.
TotalEditTool This tool allows you to do everything at once.
ZoomAction This implements zoom user action
ZoomTool Left-click to zoom in, right-click to zoom out.

Exception Summary
CannotConnectException Thrown when RoadAction cannot connect a road to a node at a given position.
ToolException Exception thrown by tools