Package org.jscience.architecture.traffic

Interface Summary
Selectable DOCUMENT ME!
SelectionStarter DOCUMENT ME!
Settings General interface for classes which hold settings

Class Summary
Controller The main controller of the application .
ErrorDialog The dialog used to show errors.
FileMenu The FileMenu.
GeneralSettings This class manages the general settings
HelpMenu The HelpMenu.
HelpViewer Class used to view and browse through online help.
MainView This view paints an entire infrastructure
Model The heart of the simulation.
Selection Selections can be made in the simulator and editor
TrafficEdit The main class that start the GLD Editor
TrafficSim The main class that start the GLD simulator
TrafficStarter The general class which is used to start up the editor or simulator
TrafficToolBar Abstract ToolBar for simulator and editor contains common elements
View A View is a graphical representation of an infrastructure.
ViewScroller DOCUMENT ME!

Exception Summary
InvalidFilenameException Thrown when the filename chosen is invalid.
PopupException Exception created when building of popupDialog fails
TrafficException Let's hope this class is never used ;)