Package org.jscience.architecture.traffic.infrastructure

Class Summary
Automobile An Automobile can say toot(), that is what distuingishes it from other Roadusers.
Bicycle Cycling through our world on two wheels.
Bus The Bus.
Car A Car is the standard menace on our Roads.
CustomFactory DOCUMENT ME!
CustomRoaduser DOCUMENT ME!
DestFrequency Contains a destination frequency for a certain roaduser type.
Drivelane The basic lane.
EdgeNode EdgeNode, a node used as starting and end point for Roadusers.
Infrastructure The encapsulating class
Junction Basic junction.
LessSimpleInfra Simple infrastructure used for testing
NetTunnel NetTunnel, our K-r4D 31337 eAsTr egq0r!
Node Basic node
NonTLJunction Junction without trafficlights, so normal traffic rules are applied
NoSign Sign implementing basic trafic rules.
PacCar PacCar, not standard...
Road Basic Road.
Roaduser Basic Roaduser
RoaduserFactory This class is used to generate new Roadusers
Sign Sign class.
SimpleInfra Simple infrastructure used for testing
SpawnFrequency Containts a spawning frequency for a certain roaduser type.
SPData Holds data needed to find the shortest path from a node to an exit node.
SpecialNode Class with common code for NetTunnels and EdgeNodes
TrafficLight DOCUMENT ME!
Turn Basic turn.

Exception Summary
InfraException Let's hope this class is never used ;)