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Interface Field<F>

All Superinterfaces:
GroupAdditive<F>, GroupMultiplicative<F>, javolution.lang.Immutable, Ring<F>, Structure<F>, javolution.lang.ValueType
All Known Implementing Classes:
Amount, Complex, Float64, FloatingPoint, ModuloInteger, Rational, RationalFunction, Real

public interface Field<F>
extends Ring<F>, GroupMultiplicative<F>

This interface represents an algebraic structure in which the operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division (except division by zero) may be performed. It is not required for the multiplication to be commutative (non commutative fields are also called division rings or skew fields).

3.0, February 13, 2006
Jean-Marie Dautelle
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Method Summary
Methods inherited from interface org.jscience.mathematics.structure.Ring
Methods inherited from interface org.jscience.mathematics.structure.GroupAdditive
opposite, plus
Methods inherited from interface javolution.lang.ValueType
Methods inherited from interface org.jscience.mathematics.structure.GroupMultiplicative
inverse, times

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