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Interface Interpolator<P,V>

All Superinterfaces:
javolution.lang.Immutable, java.io.Serializable
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public interface Interpolator<P,V>
extends javolution.lang.Immutable, java.io.Serializable

This interface represents an estimator of the values at a certain point using surrounding points and values. Interpolators are typically used with discrete functions.

As a convenience linear interpolator class for point-values of the same field is provided.

Custom interpolators can be used between Java objects of different kind. For example:

     // Creates a linear interpolator between the java.util.Date and Measures<Mass>
     Interpolator<Date, Amount<Mass>> linear 
          = new Interpolator<Date, Amount<Mass>>() { ... }
     DiscreteFunction<Date, Amount<Mass>> weight 
         = new DiscreteFunction<Date, Amount<Mass>>(samples, linear, t);

3.0, February 13, 2006
Jean-Marie Dautelle

Nested Class Summary
static class Interpolator.Linear<F extends Field<F>>
           This class represents a linear interpolator for field instances (point and values from the same field).
Method Summary
 V interpolate(P point, java.util.SortedMap<P,V> pointValues)
          Estimates the value at the specified point.

Method Detail


V interpolate(P point,
              java.util.SortedMap<P,V> pointValues)
Estimates the value at the specified point.

point - the point for which the value is estimated.
pointValues - the point-value entries.
the estimated value at the specified point.

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